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BBB Business Leaders Unplugged: Dr. Tony Byers on how diversity and inclusion advances innovation, drives growth

Have you ever wondered how leveraging diversity and inclusion (D&I) within your own business can help create a collaborative culture and solve problems faster?

Some companies and executives struggle with diversity and inclusion, not because they're not committed to the values, but they don't know where to start.

In this edition of BBB Business Leaders Unplugged, we sit down with Dr. Tony Byers, a global diversity and inclusion expert. He has an impressive track record of leading highly respect

COVID-19 Business Impact Report: BBB Survey of Small Businesses reveals challenges, growth opportunities, future needs

Two wars are being waged on COVID-19 – controlling the spread of the virus, and minimizing the economic impact of the pandemic. This two-front battle is critical for many small business owners forced to balance safety and health with keeping businesses open and running.

So how do some businesses thrive amidst chaos and uncertainty? One key answer is trust. With increasing customer demand, unpredictability across the market, and intensified competition – many firms scramble to survive. The stori

The power of customer reviews on small businesses

Reputation can mean everything, especially for a small business owner trying to attract and retain customers. You want to be able to tell customers that your business is trustworthy and transparent – and what better way to illustrate that story than through online customer reviews.

But it’s harder than it sounds, because many small businesses have a difficult time receiving positive reviews, responding to negative ones, and marketing reviews to help their business grow. In this article, we brea

Ten New Year's resolutions for your small business

If there is one year that we can all put behind us, many would agree it's 2020. Despite this year's challenges, heartaches, and unpredictability – 2020 did leave us with several valuable lessons for us to build on.

Here are ten business New Years' resolutions that you may want to consider for a successful 2021.
• Increase your online presence –Help attract new customers and build brand loyalty by strengthening your digital footprint in 2021. Now's the time to audit your website and social media

Four ways to keep your business and employees safe during COVID-19

As the world responds to the pandemic, the most important role for you as a business owner or manager is to protect yourself, your employees, and your customers. You are in a leadership role to guide, direct, and reassure those who work for you and those who count on you for products or services. A responsible, proactive approach will show your stakeholders that you understand the magnitude and the uncertainty of the current situation, and that goodwill, trust, and transparency are guiding your

How to respond to negative reviews

Bad reviews can happen to any business, and how you respond matters. Potential customers are not just reading what others have to say about your business; they also read how you reply to that feedback. According to one study, 97% of consumers read company responses to reviews, according to a BrightLocal survey.

No matter how damaging negative reviews can be, don't be tempted to include a non-disparagement clause in your contracts. BBB warns that such clauses erode consumer trust and could land

BBB Business Leaders Unplugged with Dr. Evans Baiya: Innovation and why creating new value for your customers is essential

As a business owner, how you deal with disruption can dictate how well you run your business. After 2020, many small business owners not only stared adversity in the eyes, but they had to come up with innovative ways to overcome it.

For more than a decade, Dr. Evans Baiya helped businesses and organizations develop innovation and growth strategies. From product development to strategy creation, Dr. Baiya worked alongside global business leaders to help build new economic growth opportunities.

BBB Business Leaders Unplugged: Bill Novelli

Author Bill Novelli sits down with BBB's David Quinlan to give a behind the scenes look at his new book, "Good Business: The Talk, Fight, Win Way to Change the World." The book hits store shelves on February 2 and covers how social impact can give modern businesses an edge.

The once "Mad Men" era New York ad salesman talks about his humble beginnings selling soap, his rapid rise as a leader in the business world, to being a champion for social change and advocacy. Novelli is the co-founder of P

7 Ways your small business can cut costs

Small businesses are the backbone of North America. With more than 30 million small businesses in the United States and contributing to nearly 99% of Canada’s economy, the playing field for owners is heating up. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, roughly one-third of small businesses fail because the owner runs out of money.

How do you change the narrative and find new ways to make operational processes more efficient and cost-effective?

Here are seven ways your business can cut c

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